The Butterfly Bush

Greetings and welcome!  Take some time to rest from your journey.

It is good to have you join my journey.  What you will find among these pages are a collection of bits and pieces that have been significant to my journey and some of my writings as I have reflected on the various aspects of life.

My prayer is that you will dwell long enough to catch a glimpse of the love of the one I call God for all of creation and come to understand it enough to bask in it and take it into the world and share it.  I am not perfect by any means and I continue to make mistakes along the way but God has never failed to lift me up and bring me to a place of healing and wholeness in His perfect time.

I encourage you to take up a plan for reading Sacred Writings (Bible, Talmud, Koran) each day, not just reading the words but reading the meaning within the words.  Listen for God’s “still small voice” as you read for the insights that He will provide you to touch your life circumstances and bring you clearer understanding of the One who created you and calls you into a loving relationship.


3 responses to “The Butterfly Bush

  1. Margie Crawford

    This isn’t a comment….tho I’ve just found this site and like it.
    I would like to use quotes in the church bulletin. I can’t understand all the legal talk.

    • ButterflyBeacon

      My understanding is that as long as you give credit to the individual there shouldn’t be a problem. I always put the quotes into quotation marks and say who said it. So far no problems.

  2. Refreshing posts. Thanks!

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